Extruder Services

Extruder Services

Efficient Extruder Maintenance

The extruder maintenance cycle of dismantling, overhaul, repair and reinstallation, commissioning and where necessary replacement, demands effective project and maintenance management, as well as comprehensive knowledge. The challenge lies in getting all parties contributing to the maintenance to work together as efficiently as possible in order to ensure the extruder is as good as new again with minimal costs. 

Our Services

Condition monitoring

Condition monitoring focuses on recognizing and identifying deterioration factors and measures in order to combat deterioration and to prevent faults. This guarantees the reliability of the factory at the highest possible level. The damage and costs of unplanned shutdown can therefore be prevented, which reduces the maintenance costs. Depending on the importance of the factory and the components, an optimal-condition monitoring program is prepared together with the customer.


Providing the right advice is the result of detailed inspections on site and in our workshop. Based on standardized methods, we are able to provide sound advice on what maintenance is necessary. This is carried out in close cooperation with the client.

Repair and overhaul

We take care of all required work in the chain: dismantling, overhaul, repair and reinstallation and commissioning of the extruder. Overhaul means that the extruder is returned “as good as new".  

Testing and reporting

After repair or overhaul, the extruder is tested if needed. To do this properly, Stork has a wide range of test facilities. As is done with work performed, the test data is presented in a report, which you receive as standard after completion of the work. This enables us to monitor and document the history of the systems.

Project management

In close cooperation with the customer, we can take complete care of the project organization and, if so desired, the overall project management. To this end, we use an advanced management system. Together with the customer, we strive for optimum project management, whereby the focus on improvement takes center stage.

Maintenance management

Maintenance management is crucial in ensuring continuity of your production and the integrity of your systems and equipment. We have the knowledge and experience to develop a maintenance policy and to execute this policy effectively.
We would be happy to assist the customer in determining the optimum inspection frequencies (risk-based controls) for the extruder in question, and in establishing a corrective and preventative maintenance schedule. We enjoy working as a team with the customer in order to realize improvements and cost savings by ensuring the best performance of your extruder at the lowest maintenance costs.

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