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Safer Together


We care. We support. We protect.

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At Stork we’ve been working on HSE since we started our business, over 150 years ago. Our safety value hasn’t changed throughout that time.  Our goals are simple: no harm to people, property or the environment.  HSE is part of our DNA here.  We work safe or we don’t work. Ten years ago, REACH was born with the aim of ‘improving HSEQ Together’. There have been a number of evolutions along the way and, of course, there have been significant changes within our global business. Today, Stork employ 18,000 people worldwide and we are now proud to be part of the Fluor family.


REACH has built solid HSE foundations for Stork; an industry reference 10 years in the making.  However, to remain an industry reference you cannot stand still and foundations are made to be built upon. We believe now is the right time to make the next evolutionary step in our HSE journey:

  • To build on the successes we have achieved
  • To (re)emphasise our intended HSE behaviour
  • To re-state our clear ambitions for HSE at Stork, and
  • To take a step further in engaging everyone – employees, stakeholders, clients, communities.

We are calling this evolution: Safer Together

Stork Safer Together Evolution


Safer Together is more than a brand or a programme - it's our identity.  It's who we are at Stork. Employee-owned and leadership-enabled; Safer Together is how we think, communicate and act at Stork. Through open channels of communication, trust and respect, our exemplary HSE culture and attitude is demonstrated by:

  • Looking out for ourselves and each other
  • Speaking up and listening to others
  • Identifying hazards and taking action
  • Always following our Life-Saving Rules
  • Never cutting corners with HSE
  • Recognising our achievements and successes

Everyone connected with Stork is part of one global family - employees, stakeholders, clients and communities.  We believe that safety is a team effort and that by working together as a team, we are Safer Together.

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